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I N K  P A I N T I N G S

Black & White painting is pure, free of colour. It represents memory, refers to photography, to black and white dreams, it is reminiscent of prehistoric cave paintings. It is something from the past and yet simultaneously current, melancholy, comforting, lively.
I love black. 

It is colour.
It is basic.
It all begins with black. 

Japanese and Chinese paintings/ink paintings have always interested me. The Lefkadio Hearn Museum in Matsu, Japan, contains one of my paintings. It happens sometimes: to be confronted with a kindred spirit in the art of painting. Perhaps it is not so, but I saw similarities. This happened to me at an exhibition in the Museum van Elsene/Musée Ixelle and the Museum of Fine Arts/Musée des Beaux Art, Brussels, spring 2015. The Chinese- French artist Gao Xingjiang makes artworks in East-Indian ink. Perhaps it is also due to the technique, which facili- tates such an assumption. My painting style is more abstract, also in ink. Even though small, the size of the space is vague and arbitrary to the observer.

From: 'Jan Mulder - Corona' monography 2016, Timmer Art Books

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